What am I Forgetting??

Your wedding is NEXT WEEK! You’re so excited and I’m so excited for you! Your wedding day, no matter what happens, is going to be amazing. But if you’re a normal person and anything like me, I know you’re feeling anxious and scared that you’ll forget something. I always see brides posting on Facebook groups asking what they are forgetting. So I made this list for you so you won’t have to worry anymore!

Tips, final payments and thank you notes for vendors

Most of your vendors will be completely paid by the day of your wedding but some may require a final payment day of. So make sure that you have envelopes designated for those vendors and the correct amount owed. If you are tipping any of your vendors also have designated envelopes with their tips in them. And then if you are writing thank you notes for them, include those as well! And make sure that you have a trusted person to hand them out for you on wedding day!

Wedding Cake

So I have a few things that you want to make sure you don’t forget regarding your wedding cake.

  • Cake topper/decorations. Whether you have a custom topper or are just decorating with flowers, make sure you have your preferred decorations AND someone to make sure that those items get put on the cake!

  • Cake knife and server. These are usually decorative for photos and are only used by the couple getting married (then the person cutting the cake uses a “real” knife to actually cut the cake into pieces). The knife and server though are generally overlooked and couples wait until the last minute to purchase these!

  • Cake plates and forks. So this one actually just happened to me at a wedding and I had to send my husband out to pick some up before the ceremony. These items are usually overlooked due to miscommunication. The caterer thinks the couple is bringing them and the couple thinks that another vendor is providing them and then the day comes and no one has the cake plates. So just make sure to chat with your vendors and if the cake plates and forks falls under your umbrella, make sure to get them to your venue!

Test your Grand Exit material

Sometimes bubbles just don’t work, or a package of sparklers is a dud. Just test a few to make sure they will work on wedding night!

Long stemmed lighters

Again, these lighters are often overlooked! Pick up two or three at the store and make sure to bring them for the day of. These are great for lighting candles inside lanterns, or tea lights that are at the bottom of a votive. You’ll light all the candles so much faster with these lighters than you will with cigarette lighters.

Also, if you are using sparklers at your wedding, consider buying a torch lighter, sometimes it will take forever to light a sparkler with a normal lighter, so the torch lighter will speed things up significantly.

And if you are using non-flame candles, then make sure to bring extra batteries!


A steamer is great for making sure the wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses, even the groomsmens’ suits, are looking prim and proper before ceremony. Plus, it’s way faster than an iron.

Writing Utensils for the Guest Book

Don’t forget to give your guests something to write with! If you’re doing a non-traditional guest book make sure that you test out the writing utensil before the big day. I had my guests sign a wooden Texas and we tested out multiple colors of Sharpie and found that the grey worked best. If you’re doing finger prints on a canvas make sure you bring ink pads. And bring multiple! Chances are there will be a lot of people trying to sign at the same time, so let them!


This is similar to the cake plates issue and can be a miscommunication among you and your vendors. Sometimes the bartender will bring it, or the caterer, or maybe your venue has an ice machine? But make sure you know who will bring it and who will have access to it (sometimes there are restrictions to who can and can’t use ice at the venue). And if you are in charge of bringing your own ice, buy more bags than you think you’ll need. I was my venue’s ice girl for two years and about a third of the time we would run out and I’d be sent across the street for more.

Flower Girl Flowers and Baskets

Generally most people involved in the wedding are not thinking about the flower girl needs, when there’s so much else to have planned! So make sure the florist brings you extra petals for the girls and that you bring something for the girls to carry the petals down the aisle!

Marriage License!

As weird as this one may seem, so many people forget the marriage license! There are some weird rules for when you can obtain your license so make sure you know the rules. And once you have it make sure it’s in a safe place and gets to your venue! I couldn’t find mine the morning of my wedding and had a mini freak out. Turns out it was in my husband’s car, in my planning notebook. And then, once it’s at the venue, make sure you get your officiant to sign it after the ceremony!

And there you have it! A list of things that people commonly forget about for their wedding day! Do you have something you think needs to be added to this list? Leave a comment below to help out your fellow engaged couples!

WeddingCallie Rankin