Four Lists for Wedding Planning

Hey there! So today I want to help you get organized and then stay organized while planning your wedding. I totally get what you’re going through, I was in your shoes less than a year ago! And now I want to share some of the things that I did that helped me not stress out on wedding day!

So I’ve always been a list lover. I have at least 6 different lists sitting around me currently and organize my life in list format. It’s an easy way to see all the things you have to do (and in order of priority if you make the list that way!) and it’s so satisfying to check an item off the list once you complete it! While I was planning my wedding I had so many lists! And today I want to tell you about four of those lists that helped save me from a lot of stress.

Packing List

So first up we have a two fold list. There’s the packing list that you create with all the things you have to bring to the venue with you. I made mine super specific because I wanted to not forget anything. Dress, shoes, jewelry, decor, vendor tips, cake plates, literally everything. Then, whenever you pack up your car, you can just check through the list and know that you have it all! (spoiler alert I still forgot some things but it was all okay!)

The second part of this list is the packing list for after the wedding. Chances are you and your new spouse will be leaving at the end of this night and everyone that’s left at the venue will need to know what to do with the items you brought. So make a list of who is responsible for which items! Is you mom bringing home all the leftover food and cake? Is your Maid of Honor or Best Man loading up their car with the decor you brought from home? Who is returning the linens you rented? Having a list for these things (and people knowing what they are responsible for) makes clean up at the end of the night so much less stressful!

Photography Shot List

Now I actually didn’t make this list, but sometimes I wish I had. Your photographer is a professional and knows the basic “every wedding needs these” shots. But they don’t know your whole life and if you want a specific photo (especially photos with specific people) write it down for them!

Now, with this list you also have to realize that there are only so many hours on your wedding day so don’t go overboard with your “must have” shots. But if you’re really close with your grandma, mention that you want a photo of just you and her together. Did you spend a lot of time collecting pieces that you included in your DIY centerpieces? Then ask that photos of the tables be taken! Just don’t overdo it, you hired a professional for a reason and your photos are going to be great!

Centerpiece Items

Speaking of centerpieces, if there are a lot of components to yours then consider making a list of the items that are on each table! So my centerpieces had books, vintage glass boxes, and glass bottles, and then flowers and succulents. That’s a lot. So knowing how many books and bottles was very helpful! It’s also pretty typical to have multiple table centerpieces! If this is the case have a list of each centerpiece’s elements as well as what tables get a certain design.

Day Of Responsibilities

People LOVE helping you on your wedding day. I’d bet that 10+ people will ask you, “what can I do to help?” and sometimes it gets annoying, especially when there’s so much going on. So that’s where a list comes in super handy!

Have a list for people setting up decor. Delegate different sections of the venue to different people. Maybe you’ll have someone in charge of settling your remaining balance with your vendors, or handing out tips, make a list for this person of who gets what. Are there things that will need to be picked up last minute? Table linens, lunch for you and your squad, appetizers from a nearby restaurant? Have someone appointed to be an errand runner (I had a “slave of honor” but let it be known that she gave herself that title and wanted to help! She was my go to person for anything that my mom, sister, or BFF couldn’t do because they were busy). Have a list ready of what they need to pick up and when and then it’s done!

I hope these list ideas have helped you, but please know that if things don’t go exactly as planned, or things get forgotten that’s okay too! You’ll still have an amazing day even with a few hiccups! Maybe this post even made you think of other lists you should create?? If you have a new list idea share it in the comments below to help out your fellow engaged peeps!

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