What is a Virtual Assistant?

Hey there! Thanks for stopping in and reading this blog! This one is super important because it answers the question: what exactly is a virtual assistant?

local pines collaborative - virtual assistant

That’s the internet’s definition of a VA, basically an assistant that is not physically at your office. But really a virtual assistant (VA) can help you do a plethora of tasks that can ultimately lead to your business growing and thriving!

As a small business owner you probably have so many things that you have to do each day just to keep your business alive! You have to answer emails and phone calls, schedule meetings, maintain an updated calendar, send client’s packages, post frequently on social media, create and maintain an email list, create engaging content for Instagram, or your blog, or Pinterest, pay bills, keep track of expenses, and so many other things! That’s a lot. You do a lot. And a VA is someone that can help you complete those tasks so that you have more time to work ON your business than work IN your business. (Not to mention, hiring a VA could help free up your time to do more fun things too, like travel, spend time with your family and friends, or watch The Bachelor when it actually airs!)

Maybe you dread opening your email inbox everyday? Maybe you forget about posting on Instagram? Maybe you can never think of new and creative content to write about for blog posts? Well that’s where I come in! I can help you do all the things in your business that you don’t have time for or that you would simply prefer to outsource!

I’ve created multiple packages with you in mind and I hope they will suit your needs! But if they don’t we can always collaborate to create a custom package that will exactly fit your and your business’ needs, because I know that no two businesses are the same and I don’t want to treat them the same!

Hiring a virtual assistant can be the thing you were missing to bring your business to a whole new level! So let’s talk and find out what you need!

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