Let LPC take care of the trees so you can see the forest!

Let LPC take care of the trees so you can see the forest!



Local Pines

Local Pines came about after I managed a wedding and events venue for two years. I loved my time there and all the vendors I was able to meet and become friends with. But I started to see a pattern in these vendors, they were worn out, always on the move, and would sometimes take weeks to answer an email I had sent. I knew the struggle, and understood that they just didn't have the time to get to all the things that needed to be done. 

When I got married and moved to DFW, I wanted to find a way to help these businesses and give them some time back to be with their friends and family and to do the things they actually liked doing for their business. So I became a virtual assistant. 

I've taken the knowledge from a Bachelor's degree in Management and all the know-how from my venue running days to find the most efficient ways for me to help busy wedding professionals! Every business is different and I am here for you and your needs! 

So if your business is on the brink of expanding or you're just ready to take it to the next level, I am the person to help you get there!



Because "about me's" are weird and I don't know how to do them.

1. My dietary tastes never grew up. Chicken nuggets are still my favorite meal and snow cones are to die for. (I even HAD to have a snow cone truck at my wedding because I love them that much!)

2. I'm a pretty decent introvert. Which is probably one of the reasons that I love the behind the scenes details of a business (let me answer ALL the emails!) more than being the face of a brand! But I'm trying to be better at this so hopefully you'll be seeing a lot of my face on the Gram.

3. Sea glass is so cool! I look for it at every beach I go to! Yes, I know there's a whole beach filled with sea glass in California, and yes I DO need to go there.

4. I've always had an entrepreneurs spirit. Even as a child. Me and my friends would raise tadpoles from the creek across our house to sell as frogs (no one wanted them though so they were eventually all released), and we had a game where we built a town and guess what my job that I created for myself was?? I owned an insurance company. I was 10, I didn't even know what insurance was! So when I finally had a good idea to start a virtual assistant business in the industry I love (#weddingsALLDAY) I could not wait to get it up and running! So thanks for being here! 

5. My dog, Bas, is the cutest. He's my work buddy and goes everywhere (possible) with me!


Thank you for being here and getting to know a bit about me! But what I really want is to know about you! What business do you own? What do you love about running your business? What do you not love so much? I want to know it all and help you in any way I can so shoot me an email and let's get started!