Rentals & Styling

The thing that actually got me started in the wedding industry was decor rentals! My sister and I basically grew up in an antique store (“Don’t touch!” was a phrase I heard daily growing up) and then later, when our mom started doing Estate Sales we became involved in that. All this to say that we have accumulated some stuff over the years.

But it was really cool stuff and I couldn’t imagine people BUYING everything for their parties or weddings when it would literally never be used again. So we started renting out our super cool items to clients. And that’s where all this *opens arms and gestures to everything around here* started!

I enjoyed my work setting up reception halls for a caterer and absolutely loved managing the wedding venue but I’ve always kept the rental business going too. I think my issue is I’m too sentimental and can’t get rid of anything so by me renting it out my things serve a purpose and then being stored away and taking up room in my house is okay if they are serving a purpose and helping others have a beautiful day!

I am now getting my feet wet in the styled shoot world and loving it! A few photos are featured here. So if you’re thinking about creating a styled shoot and need a stylist, or need some help even starting and creating a styled shoot be sure to reach out! I always love to help!

Also, click here for more pretty styled shoot photos or check out the blog!

Got a party or special event coming up and want to talk about our rentals? Shoot me an email at callie@localpinescollaborative.com and let’s talk about your event and how we can help make it even more amazing!